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23-Aug-2018 01:27

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Frank meanwhile is hosting a New Years soiree at his house for business contacts.With Sally at his side he plays the host, but when a disgusted Carla hears they’re entertaining it looks like there’s about to be fireworks as she feels compelled to confront Frank.Sally's supportive but as Frank thanks her and moves in for a kiss how will Sally respond? As Tina rants at Kirsty, accusing her of setting her up, she sounds irrational and Tyrone sides with Kirsty.They head to the pub but when Tyrone discovers Fiz invited them for drinks yet Kirsty failed to mention it how will he react? Dev's rocked by his discovery about Amber and lays into Sunita for keeping it a secret.

Claire King and Debbie Rush have since taken back their departures after being given more good storylines.As Ciaran comperes, he has the ladies eating out of the palm of his hand.Liz suggests that Michelle should make a move before someone else does.The normal ticket price is £17, but organiser Fast Love Speed Dating is offering an exclusive discount of £5 per ticket today.

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With that, Tina moves in for a kiss…Meanwhile, as Ciaran prepares for the speed dating night, he offers to cancel the event - all Michelle has to do is say the word.