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26-Nov-2018 00:41

We can all agree that Jeeps are some of the coolest looking vehicles anywhere on Earth, and certainly some of the most fun.

Jeep more or less invented the modern SUV in the early '60s, but did you know that no one really knows where the term "jeep" comes from?

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We have found it to be cost effective and reliable to mail decals to international purchasers via Prority Mail International. Pattern 018 CJ7 - T5 Dana 300 5-Speed Combination. Pattern 031 3 Speed Auto Single Manual D300 Twin Pattern 014 Warning sticker for patterns 10 and 13.

The Jeep CJ-5 is a product of Willys-Overland refining the original World War II “jeep.” Starting with the CJ-2A in 1945, subsequent improved models were the CJ-3A and CJ-3B before the introduction of the CJ-5 in 1955.

Akin to the original jeep, the CJ-5 was a civilian variant of their M-38A1 military Jeep, which went into production in 1952.

Even at that, not much changed until 1972, when not one but two V-8s were added as options—AMC’s own 304 and 360 motors.

In addition, the 4-cylinder and the V-6 were dropped, replaced by AMC’s 100-horsepower, 232-cid inline six as the standard engine.

Are you one of the many who want to join in on the fun, but want something a little bit more un... They are great to drive go anywhere and continues to be a desirable v... Judging by the engine swap, and the quality of paint both on the exterior as well as ...

Pattern 009 Dauntless V6 Valve Cover Decals - also used on oil bath air cleaners - each - two required.

.00 Pattern 011 Air Cleaner decal used with a few Jeeps that had dry element air cleaner.

looking for the latches that are inside the cab and hold the windshield to tub.

my 74 has two of them with the top side having 3 bolts. In 1965, optional engines were added to the platform, with a 155-horsepower, 255-cid V-6 and the rarely equipped 129-cid Perkins 4-cylinder diesel appearing on order sheets.