Dating services pet owners

18-Oct-2018 10:52

"It is very, very hot so obviously dogs in cars is a no, even putting your dog in the car to go to the park is not OK," she said."There is an easy way for people to decide if it is too warm to bring your dog in a car. "Also if your cat or dog has a white nose or ears put sun-cream on as they can get burned through white fur which can lead to skin-cancer," she added.The founder of one of the dog-focused dating services, You Must Love Dogs, agreed.

“If you find somebody with the same lifestyle passion, you don’t have to start out at square one,” North said.On their first date, her Chihuahua, Hubbell, stole the man’s breakfast as they drove from New York City to Long Island. “I still wonder if Hubbell didn’t have something to do with that,” said Pelzer, 47, an actress who runs her own social media company and met the man on Pets