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If you're a goth, you dress goth to attract goth girls... In this book it teaches you one dress style, and that's the style of Daniel only..does have basicl tips on style. I've seen people dress in all kinds and still get hot girls, it doesn't matter... I know i look good, but the girls don't give a shit.

One tip suggests not to listen to your girlfriends advice because it doesn't work... What GIRLS want men to wear, if listening to your gf or kezia for that matter is wrong? no one looks at me, no one cares, thats because im short, and ugly...

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After a few email exchanges, plans were made to meet at a local coffee house. “Well,” she told us over pint glasses of murky beer, "we just didn’t have much to talk about." "Oh," we all echoed disappointingly. They had both shown up to the coffee house (a swanky Silver Lake spot) on their vintage Schwinn fixed-gears, I’m sure she looked adorable in some sort of designer-yet-casual get-up, and they had sat in the outside patio drinking expensive lattes hoping, I’m sure, to capture that same connection they had experienced upon first meeting. We all puzzled over it for a moment, hoping to use our collective successes and failures at dating in order to dispense some sage advice to K.

The other group was in a tank with no island; they had no place to rest.

Sexual violence occurs when a perpetrator exerts power and control over the teen, it is not due to a teen’s sexual orientation or appearance. If you have experienced any form of violence, you might…… continue reading »

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