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As far as I knew it was the first record she had ever bought. But without a doubt, Crimson and Clover is about the fulfillment of the most basic of human urges, and how awesomely good it makes you feel. If you weren't around in those days I can tell you that it was the most interesting era in American history. I think this song is simply about him taking her innocence (if U know what I mean).

Reading all the comments above makes me wonder if she had a deeper meaning behind calling us these names, seeing as she was very much a hippy herself. While the ending of this song's 'heavily processed vocals'-- the shaky vibrato of "Criiimmssonn anndd Clllooovaahhh, oover and oover"--is what everyone seems to remember, it's the opening word: "Aahhhhh..." that gets the whole thing going. Pls don't allow your "feelings" to cloud your judgement. We all know the first time for a girl can involve "crimson", and they made love in the grass, hence the reference "clover".

This was very disappointing since other establishments take it off of the highest priced item.

When I mentioned it to the employee they told me that that is the way the computer system is set up. Gloria Licona Reply To whom it may concern: I was shopping in the Victoria gardens store (Rancho Cucamonga, ca) this evening (7/24/2017) with my daughter right before closing time and witnessed several concerning events. Reply In C/O Pacsun Headquarters; To whom it may concern, I shop at your Northtown Mall Spokane Washington location on average 2-3 times a month and every once in a while at your Spokane Valley Mall location.

But did you know we also offer discounts at certain levels? And with larger quantities, save up to an additional xx%!

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