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There is nothing inherently wrong with fantasy patterns as long as buyers realize that the "real thing" never existed on a railroad.Fantasy pattern china usually has a railroad logo as the primary decoration.The bottom line is Riviera has already been rare for quite some time. Sadly, gone are the days from college in the hills of southern Ohio where I would commonly find Riviera plates at the thrift stores and flea markets for a quarter.

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However, since 1986, Fiestaware has also used a rubber back stamp to mark some of its Fiesta items. Note a series of three small letters in the back stamp itself.

Another of Rheads designs, Riviera pottery, was based off the Century line.

Century's an ivory colored line that is found plain or with decals in over 70 treatments, including the popular Mexican themed decaled lines of the 30's and early 40s.

These include salt and pepper shakers, vintage juice tumblers, demitasse cups, and teacups.

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Also, some onion soup bowls, ashtrays, egg cups, sweets comports and are marked, while others are not.None of the Riviera was marked, although you'll find the Ivory Century line marked on the bottom with the standard HLCo cryptic dating system.