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She takes personal experience that came to a head on New Year’s Eve 2015 when her fears of coming out as a bisexual were shattered.After having broken […] “Grossly misinformed.” That’s the most generous phrase I could muster as I read my friend John Townsend’s piece, “When GLBT Nonprofits Lose Their Bearings” in the July 6 edition of this magazine.

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Until just before the […] I’ve always loved The Lawrenceville Stories, written by Owen Johnson in the early years of the 20th Century.In the early 2000s Edward Albee (1928-2016) revised his classic one act, The Zoo Story.When the dark ironic comedy was first written in 1958, the gay role of the deeply troubled Jerry was a breakthrough just […] Ariel Leaf and Scot Moore always have something interesting to say, so their co-presentation at the Minnesota Fringe Festival is a very safe bet that you’ll be entertained and “thought-provoked.” Even the titles are intriguing: […] David Mann has been a popular Twin Cities actor for several years.)Li'l Woody's (burgers)Lucca (gift shop)The Monkey Bridge (yummy Vietnamese food)The Palm Room (a modern plant shop)Sonic Boom Records (I like discovering new music at the listening stations)Sunset Hill Park (tiny and not much of a park, but there's a good view of the Olympics)Swansons Nursery (huge nursery; I get my houseplants here)The Walrus and the Carpenter (especially if you like oysters) A la Mode Pies (scrumptious pie; here's my blog post)A Muse (small craft supply shop)Bluebird (ice cream)* Cornuto Pizzeria (tiny place, delicious Neapolitan-style pizza)* Coyle's Bakeshop (delicious bakery)Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.

(quirky gift shop; there's a tutoring center in back)Herkimer Coffee (cash-only café; they play good music)Modern (sushi and other Japanese treats)Red Mill Burgers (a Seattle staple)Terra Bella Flowers (here's my blog post, but they're in a new location now)Stumbling Goat Bistro (good for date night)Where Ya At Matt (Creole food truck, moves around during the week)Woodland Park Zoo (there's also a pretty rose garden at the south entrance) Burgundian (bar/restaurant, good chicken & waffles)The Butcher & The Baker (sandwiches for lunch, brunch on the weekends)Chocolati (for truffles hot chocolate)* Green Lake (here's my blog posts: part one and part two)mkt.

(Last updated 10/16/16.)All of my recommendations are also on this Google Map.* = if I was taking you on a tour and time was limited, these would be my tops picks.