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28-Oct-2018 02:31

Since 2010, the military government of Myanmar has made sweeping political reforms which opened up the country more, particularly press censorship. We've learned by now on our travels that even in quite homophobic countries in south Asia, there's one rule for tourists and another for locals.

For example, being gay in the Maldives can get you in lots of trouble if you're local, but as a tourist less so!

It was taken by the British in the costly and poorly planned Anglo-Burmese War of 1824-26, and returned on conclusion of the Treaty of Yandabo.

On 6th November 2005 at the astrologically propitious time of 0637hrs, the Myanmar seat of government upped sticks from one older planned city, Yangon, for nearly two centuries the country’s window on the world, and moved lock stock to another brand new extravaganza, the spanking new planned-opolis that is Naypyidaw, 330kms to the north, strategically designed and located, isolated, insular, and largely empty … This milito-bureaucratic introversion “liberated” much of older civic Yangon to emptiness.

Burma is also a source country of sex workers and labourers in China, Bangladesh, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Macau, and Japan.