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Once the eligibility criteria has been met, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service will automatically stop deducting premiums from qualifying military retired pay accounts.The law establishing Paid-up SBP does not allow for refunds of premiums paid before October 1, 2008, even though a retiree may have reached age 70 and made 360 or more premium payments.S., an international scholar/visitor will need to attend a new hire check-in/orientation with SBP Human Resource Office. Customs Officer (CBP) will admit the J-1 Exchange Visitor in J-1 status for "Duration of Status" which is noted as "D/S" on the J-1 DS-2019 Form and the I-94 arrival/departure card. At SBP La Jolla campus, the new hire check-in/orientation is located in Building 1. under the J-1 Exchange Visitor program in J-1 Short-Term Scholar status may be admitted to pursue full-time research for up to 6 months; a person entering the U. in J-1 Research Scholar status may be admitted to pursue full-time research for up to 5 years. When the person completes their J-1 Exchange Visitor Program they are allowed a 30 day grace period to depart the U. Those military retirees who become eligible for Paid-up SBP status will be notified of their SBP status on their annual Retiree Account Statements that will note the number of premiums paid to date. Paid-Up SBP refers to a provision of the Survivor Benefit Plan law passed in October 1998, and which took effect 1 Oct.2008, in which qualified members will no longer be required to pay SBP premiums once they satisfy certain age and premium payment requirements.The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) is the survivor annuity associated with military retired pay.If the servicemember (SM) or retiree dies first, the spouse or former spouse survivor is eligible to receive 55% of the selected base amount (usually the full pension) for life.

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