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Odd, given that the price of high-capacity drives has plummeted.The Sky HD has a 300GB drive (320GB in the latest models), which was admittedly enormous by 2006 standards.You are after all, two bodies with one mind; two individuals on entirely different journeys who have agreed to stand side by side as you each grow, develop and unfold into the beings you were brought here to be.(see population explosion.) In all my “research” on Love, I conclude it has nothing to do with partnership, that’s secondary.You need only schedule a handful of docs or films for it to disappear.And with all those HD channels now on tap, that 160GB is showing its limitations more than ever.

But in that time the capacity of the internal hard disk drive that the Sky HD box uses as a recording medium has not been increased proportionately.You will attract it with your walk and talk and worry-free demeanor.This Valentine’s Day, worry not about impressing your crush or partner with a surprise gift.Most Bizarre Dating Websites, Lonely during National Singles Week?

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