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22-Sep-2018 14:37

First of all, I think the 2 days figure is outdated.

I've seen it take UP TO 48 hours, but standard now is more like 4-8 hours.

It defines the DNS protocol, a detailed specification of the data structures and data communication exchanges used in the DNS, as part of the Internet Protocol Suite.

Historically, other directory services preceding DNS were not scalable to large or global directories as they were originally based on text files, prominently the HOSTS. The Internet maintains two principal namespaces, the domain name hierarchy The Domain Name System maintains the domain name hierarchy and provides translation services between it and the address spaces.

This mechanism provides distributed and fault tolerant service and was designed to avoid a single large central database.

updating nameservers 11-51

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EDIT: Did some little research and my webhosting says it can MAXIMUM take up to 24 hours.Aliases allow a single host computer to appear to be multiple host computers.